The difference between shooters and snipers is the success ratio. Snipers barely miss.

Just cold calling doesn’t help. Business Development is all about strategy. This is where our Sniper Approach comes into picture. Team eMentalist will acclimatize a strategy that hits the bull’s eye i.e. reaching your exact Target Group by thorough research and analysis, defined KRAs and monthly reviews. We don’t waste bullets, we take sharp aim.

Outsource your business development to eMentalist and choose- do you want us to go all the way or just take the first step for you? Either way, we are opening new possibilities for our clients every day. Free yourself from lead generation time and leave the rest to the snipers from Team eMentalist. End delayed offers and start converting leads into prospects, and prospects into profits!

Create consumer interest like a pro!

If you ask us, Miss Moneypenny, Pepper Potts and Della Street were the real heroes. Psst… you can get your own personal hero too!

Are ancillary jobs like booking flights and paying bills eating up valuable time that could have been put to use in growing your business? Then it’s time to get you a virtual Assistant!

Welcome a VA in your life, and discover

Because you don’t just sign up for a VA, but also for guaranteed savings, diversified skillsets, reduced stress, and free time on hand for focusing on your core vision. Your VA will be available on call and WhatsApp real-time so that you can constantly coordinate. You may not agree with us now, but you will, when you see the sharp percentage rise in business productivity that our VA clients have seen, you will.

Change the “virtually impossible to find time for” into “possible with a Virtual Assistant”

Get a quote.

We do away with the textbook methodology.
That’s a good thing sometimes.

Post an ad on job-boards, social media, receive applications and make a selection- this is the textbook way when you are not racing against time. Nonetheless, when you have
deadlines to meet in a competitive environment with your reputation at stake – would you still consider it as the best strategy?

We are well-versed with the best market practices of identifying and classifying a potential candidate for the job order. But if circumstances so demand, we’d rather go out in the sea and fish to get you your desired candidate through our distinct process of researching and discovering profiles through creative techniques. We don’t stick with just one way of doings things – we apply all intellect to deliver nothing
but the best!

If you’ve hired us, you have already made the cost-effective decision that is a must in today’s intense competitive environment! The outcome will lend impetus to your business in multiple ways – you’ll be reducing your payroll expense by at least 50%; you’ll have an earmarked resource who keeps filling your recruitment pipeline improving the efficacy of your lead recruiters and you’ll never miss their submission deadlines.
Stand tall against your competitors and eventually grab a higher market share!

We’ll show you how Sourcing and Screening will be the most cost-effective decision you make.

And you thought that Headhunting is only for hiring CXOs!

The most common myth/belief around Headhunting/Passive Search is that it’s only needed when you hire at CXO levels, where discretion is of paramount importance and the available choices are minimal. However, with ever changing dynamics of the job market; headhunting is increasingly applied as and when there’s scarcity of special-skillsets.

The head-hunters at eMentalist, a.k.a the ‘Special Ops Team’ are experienced professionals who master the ability to trace footprints of high performers in specific spheres. Unique persuasive skills, a thorough domain-knowledge, an aptitude to instigate people in their comfort zones, and a willingness to improvise as the situation demands- this is how we define headhunting and so should you.

Look at headhunting from a new vantage point with eMentalist Special Ops by your side!

Did you know that you are utilizing only 10-15% of your candidate database?

How so, you may ask? Evidences suggests that most recruitment companies operate only with 10-15% of their candidates; resulting in equivalent share of the business pie.

Practically validated; a recruiter is only able to maintain live contact with candidates that are active from their end. This leads to a majority of potential candidates going deeper into the database with no continuous engagement. Invariably, the data gets stale, outdated and the candidate is taken over by a more proactive agency.
This brings up the need of regenerating candidate database. While there can be no disagreement regarding the database being the source of revenue generation; however, you would not want your recruiters consuming time in regenerating database. We can do that for you with exceptional results!

We will update your database, open up new possibilities. Ensure constant engagements, career upgrades, database cleansing – the result is reduced spend on job-boards while discovering an apt candidate for your-in -demand position that you’d given up on!

Bring the dead back to life! Want us to regenerate your database?


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